Avoiding Clutter While Moving

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Avoid clutter while moving by keeping returnable or unneeded items organized. Learn how to avoid clutter while moving in this free moving tips video from a professional home organizer. View Video Transcript

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My name is Abby Jones. And I'm talking about things that can make the process of moving into a new space or apartment easy and efficient. And so one of the things that I like to do is to keep an area in my new place, where I keep things that I'm going to give away or that I need to return to people. So as I've been unpacking things, I've run across things that I need to return to people or that I don't want anymore. And I'm putting them over here in this corner to help avoid clutter in the areas where I'm going to be putting things away. So for instance these, this tapestry and this pillow, I had at my old apartment, but I don't have space for it at this apartment. So, I'm going to be returning those to my parents who were lending that to me at my new apartment, I mean my old apartment. These tension rods I was using in windows at my old apartment, but I don't have the same space here. So I'm going to be giving those away. These bags of paper and things I'm using for a project that I'm working on. And I don't need to find a permanent space for them here. Because I'm going to be using them all up to print letters. So that's just some examples of things that I'm going to be giving away. That I don't, or taking away from the apartment. So I don't need to spend time and energy finding a place to put them in this apartment.