Early Packing & Moving a Bedroom

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Bedroom boxes left open can now be closed up. Learn what bedroom items to leave out when early packing with expert tips in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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Again, we're one week out from my move and I'm here in my bedroom. Over the last week I have boxed up everything that was in my desk, like we talked about, and put it in boxes, labeled the boxes, left them open just in case I needed anything. So this area is, now I can close it up and I don't have to think about it before I move again. I've chosen to leave out all my bags and not pack those, one because an easy way to pack bags is just stuff all the bags into one bag but also just in case I actually need them to move something. I've also gotten rid of things that I'm not going to be using over on my bedside table. My bedside table is actually a crate so I moved the crate and I'm using it to carry books, pack some books away from my living area. So those are just some things that I've done. Kind of a checkpoint for one week out in my bedroom. Something else that I'm going to do this week is take my linens and get them cleaned and then box them up in a bigger box since they're going to be light and I can go ahead and pack away my decorative pillows on my bed. These bigger pillows, and go ahead and wash my duvet. So, and then my bedroom will be pretty easy to move.