How to Attract Butterflies

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Attracting butterflies to a garden involves having mature plants with lots of foliage for the caterpillars, keeping an area muddy close by as a source of water and growing the types of flowers they love to feed on, such as lilies, lavender and black-eyed... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to attract butterflies to your garden. Now, I love nature, and I love being a sustainable gardener. So, number one rule if you want to attract butterflies in your garden is you can not use any chemicals, because all the slug baits, all of the different chemicals that kill any of the other bugs are going to kill the butterfly, either the caterpillars, or the actual butterflies themselves. So you have to quit using chemicals to have butterflies in your garden, number one rule. Number two rule is you have to have some where for the caterpillars to live. So you can't have a perfectly even garden with small little plants, you have to have a mature garden with lots of foliage, because that is what is the butterflies will live with and on. So, great ferns and calla lilies, and crocosmias, and lavender. Butterflies love lavender, that's probably their number one plant. And they love all types of fuzzy plants, like leatrice and butterfly bush, and all different types of plants, black eyed susan's, there's lots of different plants that butterflies love. But it's all the flowers that they love, too. Just a group. They like calla lilies, and lilies, and anything that gives them a place to hide and for their young to live. And most importantly, too, is if you have butterflies, you have to have a source of water. So just having some cement leaves or mud, they really need a muddy area. So you want to leave some muddy areas, or dirt in your garden as well, and keep it really moist, because the only way that they can get water is through mud, they can't get it right from the water itself. So by keeping some water areas, and then you're keeping the soil moist around it, and they'll do really well. Now, butterflies like sunny location generally, but they like shade, too, and they need big trees around them, not just a few plants. And you have all these factors together, you will find that butterflies will join you in your garden party.