How to Buy the Perfect Rosebush

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How to Buy the Perfect Rosebush - Provided by eHow
When searching for the perfect rosebush, the best place to look is at the root system of a rose plant, which should be white and healthy. Discover why small leaf problems won't prevent a rosebush from being a great plant with help from an urban... View Video Transcript

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Hi! I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb. How do you buy the perfect rosebush? Well, there may never be a perfect rosebush, but, you want to go in and look at the nursery, maybe even pop it out of the container like we've done here, take a look at the root system. Root system will tell you a lot, it should be white and it should be healthy, look at some of those roots, and they should kind of just come out at you and look decent. They should look white, they should look healthy. If you've got a good-looking root system, you've got a good-looking plant, nice and white, and healthy, that's important to look for, nice, straight stem, like we've got on this rosebush here, kind of nice, full looking plant, it's another thing to look for, and one that doesn't have a lot of black spot or powdery mildew, or other problems. Now, if you see a little leaf problem, eh, that's not such a major happening, you can actually cut that off. Go back in and trim off the bad part on the plant. Hard to find a plant that's perfect. Remember rose plants, kind like you and I. No one's ever perfect, rosebushes aren't perfect either. But you want to look for one that has a nice, straight stem, good-looking, robust-looking plant, maybe a little tinge of red on the tips of the growth, and you have a good plant to start with. For, I'm Stan DeFreitas.