Early Packing & Moving a Kitchen

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Try not to pack kitchen cleaning supplies early. Learn why kitchen cleaning products are needed after a move with expert tips in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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In my kitchen about a week out, what I've, I've left a few things out that I'm going to use for the next week and the kitchen is of course one of those places where you're going to be using some of the things right up until the day that you move. So I've left myself one plate and a bowl and a knife, a spoon, and a fork, some pots and pans that I use a lot and that I can use for different things. Some utensils that I use, my olive oil and pepper and salt that I use a lot, and then some dish rags and napkins. These kinds of things that I'll need in the next week. And also my cleaning supplies. So you definitely want to leave out your cleaning supplies, you know, wherever you're keeping them because you'll need those, certainly on the day that you move to clean your apartment. I also have left my curtains up, in general all over the house. That's something that you probably will want to leave up just for privacy reasons and if it's in the summer then for heat. So that's something that I've left up as well. So those are some things in your kitchen that you might need to leave out. Just anything basically that you're going to be using in the next week.