How to Clean Silk Plants

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How to Clean Silk Plants - Provided by eHow
Fake plants made of silk are dust collectors on the home and should be cleaned just like everything else. The recommended way to dust silk plants is by brushing them with a dry brush because spraying them may cause them to lose their shape. Take the... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Ann Myrick and today we are going to talk about cleaning your silk plants. Many many times people forget to take their silk plants down and clean them and there will be dirt, cobwebs, grease and so what you need to do is would probably take it outside because they can get pretty dirty and my favorite way of cleaning them is just a cheap paint brush that I only use for dusting and cleaning silk plants and things that I have to get a little bit of dust out of the crevices. So I'm starting with a clean brush and what I'm going to do is just ake it and just start brushing and you can see all the dirt in the crevices. A lot of times people will spray them and I would not encourage that because then they will lose their shape and some of them will just disintegrate so I would just dry brush them and then you also want to get around the base because that is where they really can get very dirty. Now you have a plant that is free of dust and cobwebs. This is Ann Myrick and that is how to take care of your silk plants.