How to Dig a Hole to Plant Ornamental Grasses

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Okay now we are going to prepare a new hole to plant our grass in. I am using a rounded edge spade shovel here and I am going to dig about a foot round hole. You can see how dry the soil here is right now. That is why we are doing a lot of pre-soaking to our plant materials so that there is not as much shock. Haven't had a lot of ran here lately and so the ground is kind of hard but I am going to put any of my reserved soil to the side to save for my mix that I am going to mix up for this new planting. Like I said you want to get the hole wide enough and deep enough so that you can actually backfill with a proper mix. I use the ball of my heel to push down on the base of the shovel for maximum strength and I try to bend my knees always to minimize stress on my back. Now I am getting down to a little bit more of a heavier loam silk after I've got passed the dry stuff on top. So there is a little clay and sound mix in this area that I am planting in which will mend with some proper other soils. So that should be good, about deep enough for that.