Hoop House Farming: Mulching Tips

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Mulching is important to crops because it helps with plant growth as well as weed control. Farm and care for plants correctly and safely with tips from an experienced farmer in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Ok, let's talk about mulch. Mulch is one of the key ingredients in organic farming, and in permaculture low till farming, so in this case, in the hoophouse, it's doubly important, because of the heat, and the drying factor, so we want to tuck in all of our transplants, with some type of mulch. Now, just like the Eskimos have a hundred different names for snow, we have all kinds of mulch. There's dry mulch, dusty mulch, stringy mulch, dead mulch, weedy mulch, and so forth. In this case, I'm going to use some real fluffy inert mulch, that has been rotting for quite a while. There's no weed seeds. There's no disease. It's well along it's way on the road to being humus, and I'm going to use it to dust in these little bitty Swiss chards, to keep them from drying out, and I'm going to do something like this. You see how the Swiss chards aren't affected? They're tucked in. They're given the benefit of all that protection, but they'll push their way through that dry mulch, without any rot, without any problem at all, and I'll push aside the mulch, and get ready to plant the next row.