Utilize Lucky Bamboo in Your Home

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Hi! This is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. In this segment, we're talking about lucky bamboo. Lucky bamboo is actually not even a bamboo. We see it in garden centers and at the grocery store, and we bring it into our home because it's a house plant. It doesn't do well outside, but it does very well in the house. Lucky bamboo is really a Dracaena. It's a type of house plant. It's very easy to go. It'll grow right in water. In fact, I just have this in some rocks and water in a vase, and its lived this way for 3 years wonderfully. It doesn't need a whole lot of light and it does really, really well. Lucky bamboo is very different from real bamboo in the fact that it's not a grass. Bamboo is a grass. This is a type of a houseplant. It will grow right in water, where bamboo doesn't do well in water. It needs to dry out. It's more like a grass. Water it and let it dry out. It needs full hot sun to do well. The next time you pick out your lucky bamboo, realize it's a great addition to your house and not your yard, and it really isn't a bamboo. Next, we'll talk about the characteristics of a bamboo.