Using Organic Hydroponic Nutrients

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"Hi this is Steve for Expert Village and today I'm going to be talking to you about using organic nutrients for a hydroponic system. Theirs several different nutrients out in the market today. One of the better ones would be the Botanicare, Pure Blend series. You've got the Pure Blend Pro Grow which you use for your vegetative growth. The reason, this is organic and is used for hydroponics is what it's derived from. It's derived from Fish Meal, composted Sea Bird Guano, Kelp, Amino Acids, Rock Phosphate, Bone Meal, and than different carbonates as it's micro nutrients, when your ready to flower, you'll go ahead and use the Pure Blend Pro Bloom Formula, and what that has is more Phosphorus and Potassium and less Nitrogen to help the plant induce flowering. Theirs some supplements that you can use like the Liquid Karma. The Liquid Karma has different sugar cane extracts, amino acids, carbohydrates, different plant substrates and things that help the plants to grow. They're called cofactors and without these the plants are limited in the amount that they can grow. They're also different kinds of stimulants. Like you got a root stimulator, growth stimulator, and a bloom stimulator. Those are derived from a seaweed extract and what they do is they help to trigger out different functions of the plant where there'd be root production, growth of leaves and shoots or flowers which will in turn bring you fruit and vegetable. Along with hydroponics you want to make sure you maintain the proper Ph. They're a lot of good natural Ph. ups and downs out there. Just make sure you pick an appropriate one that's an organic PH up and down. As long as you stay within this, you shouldn't have any problems and again make sure that you start with organic seeds and don't introduce any kinds of pesticides or chemicals. as long as you do that, you should have a good organic hydroponic garden.