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The easiest way to order flowers online is by finding a florist in the neighborhood where the flowers will be sent. Make sure to get a confirmation when ordering flowers online with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening tips. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment, we're going to learn all about how to order flowers on-line. Now, it's such a rewarding and a special moment when you can give someone that you love, or a family member, or even a business associate, some flowers, and it's really easy to do that now on-line, because there's so many different companies that deliver flowers, and there's so many florists that have websites, and you can order them right on-line. So first of all, I found it's easiest to find a florist in the neighborhood where you want to send it to, so if the recipient of the flower's for example, lives in Vancouver, Washington, then it's best to slit...select a florist shop right in that neighborhood, and so all you have to do is just Google the neighborhood. So if I'm in Vancouver, Washington, I'll just say "Vancouver, Washington florist shops," and a few come up. And you can pick any of the ones that you like, and I like to look around at different websites and see who offers what. So this particular florist, Coventry Gardens of London, is the four...florist shop that we like very much and they're from Vancouver, and so they have a nice website, and you can order flowers right on-line. So, I go to the, go to their main page and then go to their main site or just follow the directions, and they also or order, they have all types of options at their flower shop, and English foods, too, so a lot of times, it's nice to ship something besides just the flowers. Right here, they have all types of Christmas flowers that you can send, or you can send a love and romance category. Whatever you want to send. And you can look through, and let's say I just want to send a dozen roses, so I have a friend in Vancouver, and I want to send a dozen roses to her. And you can buy 'em as shown. They give you all types of options, and that's sixty-nine ninety-five, or you can get a deluxe or premium, up to ninety-two ninety-five, and let's say I'm just wanted to order that a a dozen roses, you just add it to your cart. And sometimes you have to be patient if you don't have high-speed Internet, but if you do the time, you will be fine. And then with delivery charge of nine-ninety five and tax, it's eighty-six thirty-eight, and you can go back and add or change your options, but I'm not going to continue shopping. I'm wanting to check out. So you just enter your information, your name, your address, the billing address for your Visa card, your Visa information, and then you enter thee recipients name and address and telephone number, and then you check out and give them the Visa number, and then they'll give you a confirmation, and make sure that you get the confirmation by e-mail, or you have a confirmation number because sometimes your orders will not go directly, or they'll be cut off on accident, and without that confirmation number, you don't know for sure that they got thee order, so you can always double-check and call the florist as well to confirm that they received thee order. And a lot of times, they'll e-mail you back with delivery information and your friend will have the beautiful roses that she deserves!