Decorating a Rose Arrangement

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Rose bouquets are great for any occasion. Learn how to decorate a rose vase with bows and string in this free flower video clip about arranging a vase of roses. View Video Transcript

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O.k., and then to finish off your rose arrangement you can take a bow like this, put it on a stick and extend the length of it; and then just tuck it in between the edge of the flowers and the vase like that. And that, that's one way to finish it. Or if you don't want to go the traditional way you can go with a more natural look with a raffia like this. And just grab about 5 or 6 strands and just go around the neck of the vase like this, tuck it under; tie it tightly, make a loop like a shoe lace; come underneath like that pull it threw and just have two medium sized loops like that. And then to finish it off just take your scissors like this, give them a fresh cut like that. Just trim it with in size and then you can always reshape that. And there's another way to finish it off. And again after you've arranged your flowers just dump the water out. Just pick them up like that, keep them together; dump the water put fresh water in and put them back in. And that's how you can finish off your flower arrangement.