How to Organize your Shoes

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If you have an extensive shoe collection and are struggling with piles of shoes and mismatched shoes, here is an option that worked really well. what I’ve done is taken some clear containers and put some shoes in them to keep them dust-free and completely organized. This way you can see you collection, and especially protect the expensive shoes that you may have. A more inexpensive option to try would be to keep the box the shoes came in, take a picture with a digital camera or a Polaroid, and stick it right on the front. Isn’t it great? Now you can just stack all your shoes up and you’ll know exactly what’s inside each box. If you’re also investing in really expensive shoes, ask your shoe store specialist for a bag that you can use to put your travel shoes in. that way it prevents them from getting scuffed and broken- or damaged, I should say. Now, a shoe tree is a must if you’re investing in expensive shoes. These are available in every shoe specialty store and it keeps the shape of your shoe and prevents them from smelling bad, which is really good. Now if you’re one of the people who are lucky enough to have a shoe collection that you lend out to your friends, but you can’t get them back, this is a good way to keep track of what you have and what’s missing. I just stuck a little numbered label on each box- 1,2,3,4,5- you get the idea, and then when one’s missing, you know which one to ask back for. Now, the main thing to remember when you’re organizing shoes or anything else for that matter, is to get rid of the ones that are damaged, that are scuffed up, or that you just haven’t got around to fixing. You know the ones I’m talking about. That way, you know what you really have to organize and you’re not trying to organize shoes that you’re no longer going to be keeping. And remember this applies to anything that you’re trying to sort out- not just the shoes.