Production of Nonwoody Plants from Tip Cuttings

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Learn about production of other nonwoody plants from tip cuttings in this free home gardening video from our plant propagation expert. View Video Transcript

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These are trays that we use in production in the green house. This is a 105 flat, this is a 72, this is also a 72, there's different types. The 105 is a smaller cell, it's for a smaller size plant, if you have a larger size plant you can use a 72 and the cell size it can just get bigger and bigger, there's 58's that are even bigger. These holes that you see here, this is to increase aeration around the plant so the more air around the plant the less problem you will have with fungus and disease. There's also these neat little cells that we use that they just pull right out. We'll wet these trays up and use them, but then they pull out and you don't have any transplant damage when I go and put it into something else. You can use pea pots at home but something like this, it really might not be practical for home propagation. So, today we are going to use little pots. (demonstrates) This is a 3 inch pot or 4, you can use a 4 inch pot. This is a 4 inch pot also, but it's just a little more decorative. So I thought we can try some of these today.