How to Adjust Plant Depth when Transplanting

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Learn how to adjust the plant depth when planting ornamental grasses, in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Okay before I start to plant my grass in here I'm just going to add a little water to my hole just to premoisten it a little bit. This way with the water in the hole it would also help maintain that even moisture to the root system. Now I'm going to put my grass in there and we want it to be about the same grain as the soil surface itself. So you kind of set your plant in and you look at and you see if it needs to have a little bit more dirt or not. This one is pretty darn close if anything I probably have to dig my hole out just a little bit more. Let me grab my shovel here. This one was just a little too shallow so I'm just going to take a little more dirt out. (digging hole to get dirt out) In the past most of them have been too deep and this one I didn't go quiet deep enough. Now it is setting down a little bit and my technique is liking to add some of the light mix in the bottom of the hole so now that is sitting a little bit below grain I can do that and I can add some of my mix.