Basic Elements for Plant Care

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Okay plants are like people. They have certain requirements for life. To maintain a long and healthy life, they need the sunlight, they need air all around them as well as in their root system, they need water, they need nutrition and they need a place to call home. Most of the time plants fail because some of those requirements aren't met. For the most part they can get sun, air, they have a place to live but they fail because they don't usually get enough water and nutrition. You can see this plant has no opportunity to get anything than what you give it. This is a nice healthy plant. You can see that it is growing very beautifully. It has access to sun which is coming through the greenhouse. You have air which is plenty of air around the plant. I had it growing not too close to its friends and all of the plants inside, a lot of air so nothing is rotting inside. I water it and I give it fertilizer so this plant so far is growing very nicely because I am meeting all of its requirements. It has an anchor as a pot to call home because it has to set its roots down somewhere. So far this plant is doing very nicely. If I maintain all these requirements it should grow and have a happy life.