How to Dig Up Ornamental Grasses

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Learn how to dig up perennial plants such as ornamental grasses, in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Okay every gardener needs some good tools. I have two types of tools that I like to use when I am digging out perennials. One is a spade. This has a square edge you can see and it is very good for making cuts and slices into the plant. This other one is a rounded shape one that I just used to dig the hole with but it is also good for getting underneath the plant and prying out the root system. So the first step here is to do a slight cutaway around the outside of the plant. So what I am going to do is gently shave away the mulch that is around the top of this plant that has been planted and I am going to do that all the way around just so I can get a little bit of exposure. Okay now I am going to come back and use the ball of my heel and I am going to make some direct downward cuts into the soil. The ground is a little bit hard here so I am going to have to work it pretty good.