Properly Packing Living Room CD's & Books

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Packing books away in smaller boxes makes them easier to lift. Learn how to pack books and CD's in a living room with expert tips in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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So, packing my books and my CD's, and thinking about how I'm going to pack those. I'm going to pack my books, again, in small boxes, and again, bank boxes, the boxes that you can buy at the store with the lid that you can totally remove, with the handles, are wonderful for books, because they do have those handles where you can pick them up, and they are small enough that you really, you can get them pretty heavy if you put in a lot of really big, dense books. But they help monitor how heavy the boxes are. So, with that in mind, vary what kinds of books you are putting in a box. So you might have reference books, or big, thick, really dense books that you might put on the bottom, and then put some paperbacks in that box as well to kind of even out the weight. So that's how I'm going to be packing my books, and my CD's, since I have them in these containers here, I'm probably going to keep them in these containers so that I don't have to use up another box, and because they are pretty heavy just as they are right now, in these things. And I'm going to just put a piece of tape, or a rubber band, around it, around this case vertically to keep my CD's from coming out of the box. And so those are some ideas on how to pack your books and your CD's.