Making Flower Arrangements Last Longer

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Changing your water and using floral mixtures will make your floral arrangement last longer. Learn more tips for keeping fresh arrangements in this free flower arrangement video from a professional florist. View Video Transcript

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Whenever you purchase fresh flowers, you want to enjoy them as long as possible, so usually you get a package of preservative such as this, but the best thing you want to do is add this to it. And, there's other things you can add, you can add a little bit of bleach, you can add seven up or like a citric acid, big soda, you know the citric acid is what helps to rehydrate flowers. What you want to do is make sure the container that you have the flowers in is filled with water every day, because the flowers will drink water, you know, they'll drink a little bit each day. So, if the water level in the vase drops beneath where the stems are, the stems are going to seal up. So, what you need to do in that case is take the stem out of the vase and give it another fresh cut, so that you're opening up the base of the stem again and it's drinking the water, o.k. The floral preservative is good because it helps keep the water clean, but as long as you're adding water and dumping out the dirty water. Then, you know, that?s the best thing for the flowers. The bleach is pretty good, but you know, too much bleach will kind of discolor the flowers, so you really don't want to do that. Again, a little bit of the preservative is good, but not too much. And, just make sure that they have a fresh cut and fresh water.