How to Become Organized, One Minute at a Time

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Becomeing organized one minute at a time works when focusing on one area, cleaning it, taking a break and coming back to work on another dirty area. Attack messes at home or in the office with tips from a professional house cleaner and organizer in this... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Ann Myrick, and today I'm going to show you how to organize one minute at a time. And what I mean by that is as you can tell, we're in an office that is a little messy, and people use their home offices, they, a lot of times they're, they don't have time to organize, and this one is a little bit messy and so, it can be overwhelming. What I mean by one minute at a time is when you come in to your office, think about just one area, maybe giving it thirty minutes or an hour, one area that you can work on, and then go take a break, or the next day come back and do another hour so you're not so overwhelmed. As we look at the desk, we have car keys, we have letters, we have pens and pencils, and so all these things, the best thing to do is contain them. I love finding real different, fun, different types of containers. What can we put these letters in? You can go to a, just a retail store, you could to the flea market, you could go to garage sales. I love garage sales, and I love interesting, getting interesting containers that I can use in interesting ways. And so this is, I found this old basket that is an old basket to a locker, and it would be great putting magazines in, putting the telephone books in, putting the letters in. So, get fun containers, and you want to contain your letters, get all the letters up, label it, and then you have a place to put all the letters. Your markers, your pens, put your pens in one container, your markers in another, label it. I love labeling, because that way, who ever uses the office, the children, your husband, who ever, knows where everything goes. And then just start organizing the desk and where you want things, and make it very officiant and work for you, and then the next day, go to the next, go to the next area, and organize the book cases. So, take it slowly, and don't get overwhelmed, and as you go slowly, you will find an office that totally becomes very organized. This is Ann Myrick, and that is how to organize a minute at a time.