How to Glue Paper on a Barometer

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Take decorated paper and glue it to the jar for a homemade barometer. Learn how to make a barometer for measuring air pressure in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! I'm Gary for Expert Village. Now we're going to take the paper and decorations that we made and we're going to go ahead and put them on the jar. You can use just regular plain white school arts and crafts glue for this. Again, it's just one option of decorating. If your kids like using glue, it's probably the easiest method of decorating the jar, or you can use paints, which might get a little bit messier, but it's also a lot of fun. You'll make decorations using our outdoor color schemes. We have some yellow rays of the sun and then we'll glue around the bottom the color of the grass. What's nice about this project is it really also teaches kids a little bit about science because we'll see as we get to gage and measure the different types of weather, we see that there really are changes that take place in this little instrument that we're creating today has a degree of accuracy to it. It's kind of neat that you can actually know the weather before it actually comes. There's a lot to learn from this type of experiment, this type of project. We'll continue to glue around the jar. It's not so important to cover the entire jar. You can actually leave it see through. You can see through the glass in certain parts. It's not like the whole thing has to be covered. This does not in any way effect how the barometer is going to work. Here we have our glass jar with a little bit of an outdoor theme to it with some grass and some rain drops made out of the paper flower petals, and rays of sun. We used the blue paper to look like clouds. This will be our first part of the project, decorating the glass.