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Heavier items should be packed and moved in individual boxes. Learn how to pack boxes safely with expert tips in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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Your safety is paramount in moving, so you want to do some things to make sure that your move is as safe as possible. And obviously there's a lot of lifting and up and down and going up and down stairs in the process of moving, so to make sure that you and all of your friends and family are as safe as possible, you want to be cognizant of how you're packing your boxes. Put heavy items in their own box or some items don't even need a box, and put lighter objects in the larger boxes that you have, so the point being that you won't have boxes that are too heavy. So I like to kind of think about the maximum amount of weight that you or an average person would be able to carry and try to keep your boxes below that. So that means not packing all your books in one box, I think that bank boxes are really great boxes for moving books. Most people can pick up a bank box full of books. Also you don't want to move flammable items, so just go ahead and recycle paint and ammunition and gasoline, any of those things that you have at your house. You want to find another home for them so that you're not moving them from one place or another, especially, particularly if it's a hot day or a dry day that you're going to be moving. So find the places in your town where you can recycle those, or find a friend who will use them or needs them and give those items away.