Purchasing Blueberry Plants

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It's important to buy blueberry plants that are close to three years old for healthy growing. Learn some tips for purchasing blueberry plants from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Alright today were going to planting blueberry plants and we want to talk a little bit about where to get your blueberry bushes from. Now you can go to your local lumber supply store and get blueberry plants and I have found that they are tiny there little and they probably wont survive cause their not old enough yet. What we to look for we want to buy plants that are at least three years old and here we have a plant. This plant was shipped to me and this plant is not three years old. This plant is more or less four or five year?s olds. But because I ordered early I got last year plants. Which is great because then I don't have to fool with a three year old plant that I got last year even though I ordered them early. Half of my plants last year were the year before plants that didn't completely sell and half of them were these little teeny tiny ones. Now this three year old plant is perfectly fine its just that its going to take longer for it to produce. These plants here will run you, I but them three at a time and want I like to do is I get an early booming blueberry bush a middle of the season blooming bush and then I get a late bloomer. That way I have blueberries from late June all the way up until September which is great because we love those blueberries.