How to Organize Your Bedroom

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When organizing a bedroom, make the most out of each storage space, using a chest of drawers for smaller and intimate clothing items and using the closets only for garments that need hanging up. Keep a bedroom clutter-free and peaceful with housekeeping... View Video Transcript

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O.k., now we're going to talk about how to organize your bedroom. First thing is the most important. We have to remember that this is your master bedroom. This is your sanctuary, your peaceful spot away from the chaoticness of your life. This is a place where your can read and relax and get ready for the day and your can spend some time with your spouse. Whether it's romantic or just quiet time, this is your place. So we need to keep it uncluttered. Remember this is not the place where your have to have a T.V. or other things.That's why we have a living room to have our entertainment in there. This is the place where we can come and just relax. So another thing to remember whether your bedroom is big or small like mine, we need to keep it organized. We need to keep it clutter free which is hard to do, and we need to keep every draw, make it count. One thing that I suggest that I use myself and it's kind of a nice idea, you keep one drawer just for underwear, another draw for maybe socks and other things like that, another drawer for bed clothes, another drawer for maybe good tee shirts, maybe work clothes for the husband. We have, I have one dresser for my husband, one dresser for myself. So all of my stuff is in here. Also I have a drawer down here that I keep and I put all of my mementos in there. So I can kind of keep the top of my dressers more clutter free, and that's kind of my just throw all, catch all memento type drawer. So and for your closet, try to keep it organized. I know that's hard, especially when your have small closets and space is an issue in your house, I have to use my closet for multiple purposes. So what I do is I have my fall and winter on one side, my spring and summer on the other. I know, that's feel sorry for me, I have to have all of it in one closet. But what I do is have my casual to dressy short sleeves, the other side my casual to dressy long sleeves. Then on the bottom I have a spot for my art and craft supplies. Then I have on the top shelf, a spot for all my sweaters, my hats, I even have a sewing basket. So when I have a button fall off my shirt, I can quickly sew it on, all right there easy to get to. So that's pretty much how I organize our bedroom. I hope some of these tips help you.