How to Grow Brussels Sprouts

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How to Grow Brussels Sprouts - Provided by eHow
Brussels sprouts can be grown by the seed or by the root, and they should be harvested when they are fully developed without any browning at all. Grow Brussels sprouts in a mild climate with helpful advice from a sustainable gardener in this free video... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow brussels sprouts. Now brussels sprouts are in the cabbage family. They're just like little cabbages. Instead of having on big cabbage, it'll come on a big stem with many many little brussels sprouts along the stem. And they're really easy to grow as well, just like a cabbage would be. You can start them by seed or by root in the spring, and they'll grow all summer long and then in the fall they'll produce the brussels sprouts. Harvest them just like you would a cabbage; wait until they're fully formed but not starting to die in any way or turning brown in any way. And you can cook them, you can boil them, or you can fry them. There's many different ways that you can use them, but they're all very very good for you. Now brussels sprouts do best in milder climates. They don't like really hot climates, they don't like really cold climates. So if you live in a really hot climate, give them part shade, and if you live in a really cold climate, make sure not to start them until late, late spring--almost early summer--and put them in hot, hot, full sun, because they need a lot of heat to do well. Yet they don't like a long, dry summer, either, they want a break up. So water them well, never let them dry out completely, and the trick is to really soak them, but let them dry out between. You can either save the starts in the fall, or just start them from seed again in the spring if you live in a cold climate. But they're really an easy vegetable to grow in your garden.