How to Organize Your Chores

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To organize chores, create a list of chores for each family member, illustrating exactly when each chore should be performed so that everyone knows exactly what is expected of them. Keep a chore list to keep the house functioning efficiently with... View Video Transcript

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Okay. So now, I'm going to talk to you about how to organize chores. I know, chores. No one gets excited about them, but everyone has to do them. So what I do is I divide my house into sections. So on certain days, I clean that section of the house so that all week, I just have a little bit of cleaning to do, and at the end of the week, my house is clean because with a busy schedule, a big family to take care of, and things that needed to be done, I have to have a light cleaning load. So that's how I do it, and I don't ever have to worry about, oh, forgetting to clean a certain room. It's done on a certain day, and that helps me a lot. Now, organizing chores for children. They may not like it, and they may argue and complain about it, but it's good for them. It will...makes them feel a part of the family, whether they want to admit it or not, and it helps them when they're older because they know how...they know responsibility from doing chores and they know how to do things. So just for a visual -- it always helps the kids to have a visual -- I just made up a little chart with their names on the top. Even though your little ones might not be able to read it, they know their name's up there and it helps them to feel good. The little ones, of course, will have less jobs as the older -- age-appropriate jobs are always the key. For my little one, he has to make his bed, pick up toys, and walk the dog -- things like that. Now, the older ones will have more responsibility. They're the ones that are in charge of unloading the dishwasher, cleaning the table after every meal, vacuuming, and dusting -- things like that. And that's a big help for the parents. Then also, a good thing to do is between the parents, talk about what each one of of you are going to do, what your roles are, what room they might clean or different aspects -- dishes, one might load the dishwasher, the other one might make the dinner. It's always good to have good communication and maybe things just set out so that everything gets done, everyone has a job to do. It makes time more efficiently so that everything gets done, and you have more time for fun. This has worked for our family. I hope it works for yours.