How to Organize your Magazines

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One thing I find invariably in every single house I go to is a stack of magazines. What are people supposed to do with these? The first thing is to get rid of the magazines you know you aren’t going to read, but you’re keeping around because of guilt- you know one day you’re going to get around to them. So get rid of the magazines that you know you’re not going to get to- they’re just there taking up space. Now if you have a collection of magazines that you’re collecting- say ‘O’ magazine for example…let’s get some others that I know are in that pile over here. Here we go. If this is a collection, you need to treat it with respect. Now that means if you’re going to be investing in a collection of things, you have to take care of it properly. Now I have these file magazine storage things that I found at the local home organization store. And you can store your magazines right in there- prevents them from getting damaged and it’s really great for long term storage. They also come in some really great colors, so you can coordinated them with your home décor. Now, so many people ask me about, or tell me anyways, “Hey, I’m keeping these magazines around because I really need information from these magazines.” Well, you don’t have to keep the whole magazine unless you’ve read through it and you do agree that there’s ninety percent of the magazine that you do need to keep. A really good idea for interior decorators and people who like to collect for fashion or home décor. Just take a file folder like this, and tear out the pages that are of interest to you and just slip them inside the file folder. That way you keep what you really need and don’t keep all the magazines. Then you just stick a label on the outside saying “Home Organization” or “Fashion” or whatever it is you’re storing in there.