Organizing Moving Tools

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Avoid many moving headaches by organizing supplies and tools and placing them in a designated area. Learn how to organize moving tools and supplies in this free moving tips video from a professional home organizer. View Video Transcript

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My name is Abby Jones, and I'm talking about how to move in to a new space efficiently. And, right now, I'm going to be talking about why it's important to be keeping, to keep your tools and the supplies that you might need during your move, in one area. These are the supplies that's, that I'm using, that I'm using pretty consistently throughout my moving in process. And, I've chosen to keep them on this table here, because it's a central location, and I'm, I'm going to know where to come and look for things, if I, when I need something. As you probably know, things can get pretty messy and cluttered, when you're moving into a new place. And, so this is just a way to make sure that the things that you need, don't get lost. I don't, you know, I don't know how many times you might have looked for a hammer when you're moving in, and you knew that you just used it, but you didn't know where it was. Well, this is a way to prevent losing your hammer in all of the clutter of moving in.