How to Stop Mushrooms From Growing

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Stopping mushrooms from growing in a garden involves shading out their sun source with newspaper or overgrown grass, working the dirt with a rake or spraying them with a natural bathroom cleaner that is safe for the environment. Get rid of mushroom... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this section we're going to talk about how to keep mushrooms from growing, or how to stop mushrooms from growing. Now, mushrooms are fungi, and they're just like algae or any other plants that grow in really wet, soggy conditions. And the key with mushrooms is they need wood to grow. They like rotting wood. That's why they grow in the forest right on rotting wood. And when I set out these raised beds we bought some compost that had some mushroom compost in it. Well, I didn't realize at the time that that meant I'm going to have mushrooms in my garden everywhere. But I've come to the conclusion that they're not really doing anybody any harm, so I'm not too worried about em'. To stop mushrooms from growing you have to stop them from getting any light, and stop them from getting any water. So, you could put newspapers right on top. That would kill em' right away. Or you could let your gra, if they're growing in your grass just let your grass grow a little bit longer for a couple weeks if you live in a neighborhood where you can do that, and it'll shade out those mushrooms and they'll die naturally. And then you just mow em' back down and you should be able to get rid of em'. Another trick that I have learned is just by working up... These are just chipped branches so mushrooms love to grow in it cause' it's just dead wood, but by just raking or working the dirt, or the branches around I kind of stop the mushrooms from growing. And I can just take a rake through here once a week or so and stop them as well. And another trick that I have found is if you do have an area where there's lots of mushrooms if you get any kind of a natural bathroom cleaner or shower cleaner that has lemon juice or any type of; this has hydroxyacetic acid and glycolic acid, and polyglucoside. These are all ingredients that break down and aren't bad for the environment, but they also kill mushrooms just like they would kill the muck in your shower. So, if you've got areas where mushrooms are coming up just by spraying it down with a little bit of this natural bathroom cleaner I have found that they won't come up in the future. And I've learned over the years too; I don't really like to use a lot of bleach in my garden, but it does break down naturally, and if you use just maybe one tenth bleach to nine tenths water in a spray bottle and you spray down a area where there's lots of mushrooms they won't come up as much because it'll actually break down, and the bleach will stop it from growing