Tips on Flower Arrangements

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The first step in making a flower arrangement is picking out the container or vase, and this is followed by the process of creating a good foundation of greenery. Find out how often flower arrangements should be watered with help from a florist in this... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Karen Rodowicz with JK Flowers and I'm here to tell you and give you some tips on flowering. The first thing what you do once you pick those flowers you are looking to arrange, is find that favorite vase or container you want to put them in. Make sure it is a complimentary vase and container that will work well with those flowers. Secondly you want to start off with a good foundation and that is your greenery or your fern or your leaves depending on what you decide to use for the floral arrangement. You want to criss cross them in your vase to make sure that they will hold your flowers in place. After you have added your greenery you place in some lukewarm water, you can arrange your flowers the way you want to see them. I have a round vase here so I will do something in a round like motion. After your arrangement is together, place it in an area that is not in direct sunlight, change your water every two days to keep down the molds from growing and you will have an arrangement for at least seven to ten days. I hope that these are some helpful tips. I'm Karen Rodowicz, JK Flowers.