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Puschkinia is easy to recognize, because it has little tiny bell flowers, a lot of them clumped on one stem. Learn how to identify springtime flowers in bloom from a sustainable gardener in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from vanveenbulbs.com. In this series we're learning how to identify our spring blooming flower bulbs. We planted them in the fall or like me not until January, but they're all coming up. And now they're blooming and you don't always know what they're name is. So we're going to talk about that, and one of my favorite early blooming spring flower bulbs is Puschkinia. So Puschkinia is a beautiful early blooming spring flower bulb, and it's actually spelled P-U-S-C-H-K-I-N-I-A. And so it's so hard to pronounce, that you don't have to pronounce it if you don't want to, but just enjoy it. And it's easy to recognize, because it has little tiny bell flowers, a lot of them clumped on one stem. With these little periwinkle stripes, and they're just beautiful light blue stripes all over them. And when they're blooming too, and there was a lot of blooms on this earlier. It was really pretty, and really cute. I love really small bulbs, because I think they're just so delightful. And when they do bloom, once they're done, they make these little seed pods, so I just turn around and plant those again too. Because those will eventually grow. And they're very grassy leaves, and when they're not in bloom, you really have a hard time to tell them apart from other spring blooming bulbs. And that's okay. But now that they they are in bloom, I know what they are. And they're Puschkinia. They're so beautiful in my yard, and they'll be beautiful in your yard as well. One of my favorite spring blooming bulbs has got to be Puschkinia. Thanks for watching this series on spring blooming flower bulbs. Hopefully when you go into the garden now you'll know the names of some of your flowers. But you don't have to remember everybody that comes to your party, just enjoy they're company. Please join us as we continue with more gardening videos.