How to Plant a Hanging Basket

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How to Plant a Hanging Basket - Provided by eHow
After plant seeds have sprouted it is time to plant them in hanging baskets. Learn how and when to plant plants in a hanging basket in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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After four to six weeks from the seed house we come over to another house in which we are going to prepare to make a hanging basket. You will need medium dirt, not fine dirt, but medium dirt. This is what your flat actually looks like after coming from the seed house. Most of your hanging baskets will take three to four plants to make it. This is a standard 10 inch hanging basket. With this particular basket which is a petunia wave it will only take three, however, like our vinca, you possibly could use four and we use what we call a slow release fertilizer. This fertilizer here will last as long as your basket lasts. The care for a petunia wave is not very bad. You can water it every two days, however, they do take a lot of water when you are watering and of course this is the finished product after about four weeks.