Organizing Accessories in a Closet

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It's easy to lose jewelry and accessories in a closet, learn how to keep it all organized and accessible in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Katrina Cameron

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Hi! I’m Katrina Cameron and on behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to talk to you and show you how to maximize space with closet organization and housing accessories. So what I have is I have an accessory station right here. Any walk in closet should really have an accessory station. I’ve categorized the jewelry. These are all silver; I put rings in this compartment, bracelets, I have special necklaces here. You can get these other containers that are actually used to hold beadwork, you can put beaded jewelry in one and you can put gold jewelry in another. That’s really an inexpensive way to contain your jewelry. I also have mixed and matched different compartments for nice jeweled purses. There’s a container back here, let me show you, that we have all of pockets books and wallets. They really do nicely stand up vertical. Now, I’ll go on to shoes. Here we have a great shelf and so one of the tricks with shoes is you want to put open toed shoes next to each other. What I’ve done is I’ve turned the shoes to maximize space here. One of the shoes facing front and one facing back so that you can remember and see what the front and the back of the shoe look like, as well as this is a lot more space efficient than having both the shoes this way. See it doesn’t fit, so we turn that around and you can fit more shoes on a shelf.