Decorating a Porch with Hanging Baskets

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Decorating a porch is best done using complimentary plants. Learn how to decorate a porch using various types of hanging baskets and hanging flowers in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Here we are going to begin by decorating our porch with a clematis. This is a climbing plant. It comes in white, pink all different colors. It does take full sun or it can take shade. This will bloom all year round until the fall of the year. Complementing your porch is your decorative planters, in which we have a spike, in each one of these. And of course we have all kinds of bedding plants around them. On the porch here you see the begonia which takes full sun. It takes very little water, very little care. Complementing the porch is your hanging baskets. In the morning your hanging baskets get your sunshine, in the evening it gets the shade. Your fern, you can complement it with a fern either in a hanging basket. You can have your hanging baskets with ferns hanging up or you can have them on either side of your door.