Growing New Guinea Impatiens

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New Guinea Impatiens are beautiful flowers that require frequent watering. Learn how to grow New Guinea Impatiens in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Here we have a New Guinea Impatient. Impatient is proper for this flower. It is one of the hardest flower that I have ever tried to grow. However it has the most beautiful blooms that I have ever seen. This plant here also if it completely dries out and it looks like it is almost dead, go get you some water, it is just like putting out a fire, put water in it. This plant here is full sun, or full shade it doesn't really matter but just being able to look after this. Make for sure every day this flower does get water. Every seven to ten days you will need to use again your Miracle Grow fertilizer for this. This is, like I say, a beautiful plant. Again check your foliage. Check it for aphis. If you see any aphis you make for sure to get your dish wishing liquid and your water and spray your plant.