How to Grow Indoor Palm Trees

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To grow palm trees indoors, provide a lot of sun or artificial light, plant them in good composted soil with lots of drainage area, water them heavily and let them dry out between watering. Avoid using fertilizers on indoor palm trees and pick a variety... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about how to grow indoor palm trees. Palm trees love lots of sun when they are grown outside. They need good drainage and they want to have a lot of water or a rainy season because if you think about it they grown naturally in really warm climates where they have hot seasons and when it rains it rains really hard so they just get soaked and then they dry out again. So, when you are bringing a palm tree indoors you can still grow it as a house plant, it's really easy. Just make sure you have a lot of light. So if you have a really dark house don't even try it. Or put lots of artificial light up. They do really well if you have a lot of artificial light. They love atriums or really sunny rooms with big windows and because they do like a lot of water at one time, an easy trick that I have found is make sure to always select the smaller varieties of palm trees when you are going to grow them indoors. Don't get the varieties that get huge because they are going to out grow your house, but there's a lot of different varieties that stay short. An easy way to water them and to maintain them is make sure you give them a shower here and there. Just throw them into the shower and let them just get drenched. Wash the leaves off because that's what happens in nature and that way it will grow really well. Never let them sit in water because they will rot right out. Make sure that they are dry in between watering, completely and if they turn brown or if they don't look great just cut those leaves completely out. Remember the bottom leaves die as it gets taller. So the whole plant is not usually dying, you are just losing some of the bottom leaves. So make sure that you use good composted soil or make sure that there is lots of sand, lots of drainage and as long as you add a little bit of compost or some kind of organic material so they have something to live on they should do well and you shouldn't have to even fertilize them. They don't like a lot of fertilizer at all because they do really well in really rough conditions like in the sand or near the beach. So palm trees are a beautiful plant and they are easy to grow outside or inside.