How to Drain Fuel Hose to Winterize Lawn Mower

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Learn how to empty fuel tank by draining fuel hose to prepare your lawn mower for winter in this free lawn maintenance video from a yard work expert. View Video Transcript

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Hi! This is Jon on behalf of Expert Village. In this video clip, I will be showing you another way to drain the fuel tank. Now again since the fuel tank is about half full, just letting the mower run until it was empty would just take too long. The method that is a little bit quicker but also can be a little more dangerous and a little more challenging is to locate the fuel line that is coming out of our fuel tank. It would be the hose that is connected to our fuel tank. Located on that fuel line we have this little red clip here that is going to hold it in place. What we need to do is get a pair of pliers and squeeze that clip together and that will loosen that up so that we can move that. Now you will want to move that off and then once we pull our hose, a whole bunch of gas is going to come out of here, so you need to be ready with some type of container. I am going to go ahead and set a small plastic container right underneath there and see if I can get this to come off. Now you might spill a little bit of gas but that's all right because you can always wipe it up. Once all of the gas has been drained, make sure you replace the fuel line and your clip. Also make sure you dry up any spills and discard the gas appropriately. Lastly, you want to start the mower and let your gas run out and it shouldn't take too much time this time.