Fern Babies in Fern Reproduction

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Hello! My name is Reggie Whitehead. Today I am going to be speaking with you about growing tropical ferns courtesy of the Tropical Fern Exotic Plant Society and on behalf of expertvillage.com. Now you've seen the very different types of fern fronds that are in our collection. Then you have leaves that are coming off into a stype or the stem. The reason I am showing you this particular plant is because I wanted to show you what we call bubbles or babies. Yes, some plants can have babies and this one certainly has. What happens with this is that in the wild it is theorized that these babies or bubbles can actually fall off the plant and that they find a suitable area to grow. They can take root and grow. Now if I wanted to speed that transfer, what I would do and this is a pretty good size, I would pull these off and stick it in a pot of moisture soil and then watch them grow. There are many types of mother plants in the fern world. This one is Yaniocterus and this one is from South American.