Adding Ribbons to Flower Arrangements

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Tie a bow with ribbon for a simple decoration on your floral arrangement. Learn how to use ribbons in this free flower arrangement video from a professional florist. View Video Transcript

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Ok, and to finish off your flower arrangement, you could take a nice ribbon and make a bow, you know. Depending on what color goes with your arrangement, I don't really think this one goes too well. So, what I would select is maybe like rafia, which is like a dried material and what you can do is wrap it around the neck of the vase like this and just bring it around. Tie it gently and then just make a show string loop, pull it under like that, pull it so it's like that. And, then what you can do is finish off your tails like this, gives it more of a rustic look. It looks pretty and simple. And, then just, you know, you can also make the rafia into a bow, where you make several loops, smaller loops and then attach it to one of these wood picks, and stick it into the center of the arrangement, if you didn't want it around the neck of the vase. And, then depending on what vase you're using, you know, it's just a simple way to decorate and finish your arrangement.