How to Care for Fuji Apple Trees

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Fuji apple trees do not require specialized care other than needing 300 to 400 chill hours, meaning the length of time the tree needs to be dormant in temperatures of 45 degrees or below. Grow a Fuji apple tree with tips from a gardening specialist in... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Jessica Smith, with Blands Nursery, in West Jordan, Utah, and today, we're talking all about trees and shrubs. Right now, we're going to discuss, how to care for a Fuji Apple. Now, Fuji Apples don't need any specialized care, as other types of apple trees, but there are a few things that you need to know. First off, a Fuji Apple will need three hundred to four hundred chill hours, and if you're wondering what a chill hour is, they are the number of hours that the tree is dormant, when it is forty five degrees or lower. They need at least that many chill hours, in order to produce their fruit the next year. They're also in need of pollenizer, along with it. They are not self fertile on their own, so you'll need to also have, either like a Rome or a Gala, or a Braeburn variety. It needs to be flowering at the same time. Everything else is basically the same as any other type of apple tree. When you pick out your Fuji Apple, just make sure it's a good quality tree to begin with. There's different types. Here, you have your dwarfs, your semi-dwarfs, and your standard, so look at the area that you've got in your yard, that you can plant one with. The size of the tree has nothing to do with the fruit. The fruit is going to be the same. Nice organic matter, in with the soil, when you plant. You do not want to fertilize that first year with the commercial fertilizer, so either make sure you use your compost of course, and then a micronizy type of a fertilizer, that's a little fungus root, that gets the roots just taking up the nutrients and the water, and actually it will benefit and make the tree hardier in the long run. The first few years, really concentrate more on building the structure of the tree with the pruning and that, and the root. Don't worry about your fruit at this time. Apple trees, fruit off of three to four year old wood, off of little spurs.