Determine Which Plants Should be Brought Inside During Winter & Cold Weather

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Decide which plants are too fragile to stay outside during the wintertime in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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John Guion, Arnetia Francis

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Hi, I'm John Guion from Bell Nursery for Expert Village. We are going to help prepare your garden for Winter today. These are tropicals; starting to get cold out. You've got luscious palms, Dieffenbachia's, beautiful colorful Crotons and they are all out on your patio. You have been enjoying them all Summer long but oh no, mother nature, cold weather coming and what do I do? You need to move the stuff inside, find a nice home for it. It doesn't have to be in the direct sunlight just need to be in a well lit area. No drafts as in right next to the front door or back door, not good or near the heat registers where the air is blowing out is not good as well. If they've been out all Summer long, you want to spray them down with water. Maybe even a little soapy water to knock off any bugs that still might be lingering. You don't want to bring those inside and get them on any of your plants that are inside. But now is the time to do it. Don't wait, plan ahead and where are you going to put them inside. Get your furniture moved around and bring them in. Fifty degrees is about the mark. They might live a little bit when it is under 50, they might not get totally hurt, you might see just a little bit of leaf damage, but as soon as those temperatures start touching the 50 degree mark at night, that is when you need to start thinking about getting these inside. They will live inside for you all Winter long but next May when weather starts getting warm again, put them outside and enjoy them all over again.