How to Grow Tulips in a Pot

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Tulips can be grown in a pot by placing the tip up, or by laying them sideways in a nice nursery container or ceramic container. Grow tulips in a pot with tips from an experienced gardener in this free video on planting flowers and gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda from And in this segment, we're going to talk about how to grow tulips in pots and what's the easiest way to grow them in containers. So tulips are a beautiful bulb that we all enjoy and know from our childhood. They are true bulbs. They look just like a Hershey's kiss candy, and the tip goes up. And sometimes when you can't tell which way is up, you can always plant them sideways and they'll work their way up. So you can plant them in any type of container. You can have a nice nursery container or a very beautiful ceramic container, or you can even use a margarine container -- anything else that you can find from your recycling bin. But any way that you use them, it's easy to put tulips in containers. So my first bit of advice with containers is to always put some gravel or rocks or even marbles in the bottom of the container. You can put sticks and stones and moss and lichen or anything that will give it a little more air or some...a little more drainage so that it's just not dirt at the bottom because a lot of times then the dirt will just come right out. So that's my first bit of advice. And then use some good potting soil or compost. And there's all different types that you can use, but I always put about one...well, probably one-fifth of the container with some rocks. And then I go about halfway up the container, so there's about six inches on top. So six inches from the top of the container about --you don't have to be exact. And when I'm planting my tulips, the more the merrier. So you might think, "Oh, I'll just put maybe three bulbs in here." I'm going to place as many bulbs as I can that will fit into the container. So here, I have five bulbs in one container, and they're going to be beautiful this spring when they come up and bloom because I'll have five gorgeous blooms with lots of foliage. So then they're about six inches from the top of the container. So now I'm going to add dirt to the top of that. So in effect, the bulbs are maybe only three or four inches from the top of the container. A lot of people will tell you to plant them really deeply to the bottom of the container, but I've found they rot out easily that way, and that three or four inches deep is much easier and they work much better. So I'm going to let that sit dormant all winter. I'm just going to throw it outside or leave it under the the eaves of the house. But keep it on the dry side. So make sure that it doesn't get too wet and then freeze solid because sometimes they will rot out. And they're going to come up and bloom this spring, and as soon as they're done blooming, I'm just going to cut them off and then maybe plant some summer blooming bulbs or other plants in the pots I can enjoy in the summer. Or dig them up and put them in the ground. But any way that you grow them, tulips are beautiful and very easy to grow.