Tips for Plant Growth & Spacing

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Learn gardening tips and advice on how to plant with enough space for growth from a horticulture expert in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Craig Morrell I’m with Landscape Restorations in Miami, Florida. We’re here at Palm Hammock Orchid Estate in Miami, Florida talking about basic gardening. In this video clip we’re going to be talking about planting plants in the right amount of space. In order word, visualize the plants as if they were mature. All too common mistake is to put a plant in and not remember what’s going to happen in 3 or 4 or 5 or 10 years. In this particular case we got some plants that were put in from small containers, but now we’ve almost run out of room. This particular kind of palm is called a McArthur Palm, it can hit 40 or 50 feet tall, this is almost too big of palm of this spot. In this case though we have some moveable paver stones around the base of the palm, begonias that can be trimmed back but especially in urban landscapes and in urban plantings you so frequently see trees that have been planted into a 3 foot square area and they’ve now run out of room. The only thing they’re going to do is breakup the sidewalk. So visualize what the plants are going to look like when they’re mature, do your homework and make sure you leave enough room for your plants to plant and grow and thrive so you can enjoy your garden.