Conservation Tips for Carnivorous Pitcher Plants

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Conservation is an important concept in growing carnivorous pitcher plants, learn how to care for the North American Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia) in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! My name is Wes on behalf of and in this video segment, I am going to talk to you about conservation of sarracenias. If you want to know more about carnivorous plants, you can visit us at Right in front of me we have a beautiful sarracenias. Some scientist refer to this as the sarracenia rubra subspecies alabamensis. Other scientists/biologists give this plant its own species name as the sarracenia alabamensis. This is one of the rarest sarracenias in the wild and it only grows in a few small places in the southern United States. There are only a few stands remaining. This particular plant was purchased through a special program through the International Carnivorous Plant Society specifically designed to conserve this plant. It was purchased with the certificate that certified that it was grown in cultivation and not poached from the wild. When you are purchasing plants, especially rare sarracenias, you want to make sure you are getting some sort of guarantee or certificate like this to make sure that these plants that you are not promoting poaching and that you are not buying poached plants.