Flower Arranging Tools

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Before beginning to make a floral arrangement, learn how to pick a vase, scissors, and knife for arranging flowers in this free flower arrangement video from a professional florist. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm going to teach you about the basic flower tools, used to arrange flowers. You have scissors, you have shears and you have a knife, ok the knife is my personal favorite and is best for arranging flowers. The knife gives a nice, clean cut to the flowers, at an angle, which is optimum for hydration and vase life extension. The scissors tend to give a crushed cut and it gives a flat cut. So, if it's sitting in the bottom of a vase, it's not really good for the flower because it's not getting optimum hydration. You always want to take the knife and hold it like this and just pull it through gently. A sharp knife helps to cut through the stem, you know, as you see here. Again, the knife is my personal favorite and it's the best tool for arranging flowers. The scissors, you know are, people are more comfortable with but, the knife is a better tool.