Making Flower Centerpieces

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Making Flower Centerpieces - Provided by eHow
The process of making a flower centerpiece should begin by determining how high the centerpiece will be, and this is best decided by where the centerpiece if going to be. Use a little bit of everything in a flower centerpiece, including some buds, with... View Video Transcript

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Hi. I'm Karen Rodowicz, owner of JK Flowers and I'm here to show you how to make a flower centerpiece. First, you have to want to decide how tall you want those centerpieces to be. The easiest way to do that is figuring out where they're going to go. If they're going to be in the center of a table, you don't want them too high because you don't want to interrupt the conversation flow. Once you get your centerpieces figured out how high you want them. You start off with your greenery which is the basis of any centerpiece. So, you place your greenery around and I'm going to start with my larger flowers because those are going to be the star of the centerpiece. I place them in and you want to use a little bit of everything of the flowers including some buds, great dynamics, different type-same type flower, different type look and I place in some filler flowers after this and just keep working the flowers around, keep filling in as little or as much as you want. Once you get all your flowers in and your happy with your arrangement, you'll have a centerpiece that you're ready to use for any occasion. I'm Karen Rodowicz and I hope this was helpful.