Caring for a Fresh Rose Arrangement

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Make your rose arrangements last longer! Learn how to care for a vase of roses in this free flower video clip about arranging a vase of roses. View Video Transcript

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O.k., and to care for your roses use a preservative like this that comes with them usually. Make sure that you've given them a fresh cut and fresh water. And then always make sure that the water level is filled because roses will drink a lot of water. So fresh cut, fresh water and then every couple of days what you want to do is take them out and if you don't have a knife you can take like a clipper or scissor and just give them a fresh cut. The knife is the best again because it cuts them on an angle and gives it a nice clean cut. And after you've cut them, put them back into clean water like this. And you want to do that just maybe a 1/2 an inch to an inch every couple of days. And that will keep them drinking water and they should open up beautiful. And you also want to keep the temperature around cooler 65, 75 degrees. You want to keep them away from heat. You want to keep them away from the television or the heat duct where it'll be blowing on it because that will decrease the life of the roses. So again give them, that's how you take care of your roses. Make sure they have fresh water and it's nice and cool. And you can enjoy them as long as a week sometimes a little bit longer. And that's how you care for your roses.