How to Make Grids for Square Foot Gardens

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Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. In this series, we are talking about square foot gardening; how to make a raised flowerbed and how to separate it into one foot by one foot sections and grow plants separately that way. Once you have your box created (your four foot by four foot box), you need to separate it into one foot segments. There's lots of materials that you can use. You can use wood and lattice and vinyl. I've found anything that is this plastic or this vinyl edging works very well because it doesn't decompose for years and years and years and it will last. So, when I'm using this material, I separate it into four foot sections and then within those four foot sections, I make three cuts into it, every twelve inches. That way, now, I have four segments. Then I take another piece and I do the same. So then I take another section and I'm cutting it every twelve inches. I'm just making a cut to the middle, all the way down. So, every twelve inches, I'm going to be making a cut about half way down my vinyl. Once I have my two pieces together, all I have to do is slide one over the other and lay it in my grid and I've got a twelve inch by twelve inch section. Once we have the soil in here, we can set this right into the soil and hen it won't fall over and it will stay very straight. In our next segment, we will talk about how to set up the plants for your square foot garden.