Preparing Bowls for Flower Arrangements

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Adding water is only the first step to prepare a bowl for flowers. Learn how to prepare a bowl in this free flower arrangement video from a professional florist. View Video Transcript

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Ok, I'm going to teach you how to prepare your vase to arrange flowers. This is a bubble bowl that I've taped a grid on top of here. So, we're just going to add some water. And you want to fill the vase up until, probably about an inch from the top, and with it, provide a nice sturdy base for your flower arrangement. Ok, once you've add the water, you're going to take some greenery, and take little pieces, and just tuck it in between the grid like that. And what that's going to do is, it's going to cover up your mechanics, which is basically the tape and then the rim of the vase. So you're going to go around, in a circular fashion, and just cover the lip of the container, like this. And it shouldn't take too much, just a few pieces. And this is going to help you to give a good foundation for your flower arrangement. And then once, once you've done this, then you just take your flowers and you stick them in between the greenery. And again, it's going to be the best foundation for your flower arrangement. And then, once you have it green like that, you know, it doesn't have to be completely green but sufficient.