Lost Pines Forest Tree Species

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Tree species in the Lost Pines Forest include the Eastern juniper, the Loblolly pine, the Post oak, the Bluejack and the Yaupon tree. Identify the tree species in the Lost Pines Forest with tips from an ecologist in this free video on Texas trees. View Video Transcript

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My name is Kerri Russell, I have a Master's Degree in landscape ecology. So we just took a look together at about half a dozen species that represent a community, an ecological plant community found at Bastrop State Park in Central Texas. Some people think of this as an eco-town, which is where you have two different types of ecosystem or landscapes that are colliding with one another, and the overlap means they're going to have shared characteristics between the two that you wouldn't find anyplace else. But I also prefer to think of it as an intrusion of a soil type that's much more characteristic of East Texas, which is another 100 miles further to the east of us here, and then of course beyond that, the rest of the south-eastern United States and the plant communities that one find within those regions. So I think of it as an intrusion of that soil type within East Texas, that basically then creates a fertile bed enabling those species from that different landscape to find a home here inside Central Texas, thereby giving it the name, the lost pines. We looked at the lost pine, which is the loblolly pine, we looked at the colony forming shrub, yapon, we looked at the post oak, which is the member of the wide oak sub group, that likes to grow on sandy dry sites, and then even higher than that, on even drier, sandier more exposed sites, still we saw a member of the red oak sub group, which was the blue jack oak, and right underneath it we found the prickly paired cactus. So this is again a representation, a cross section of the woody species that one would find here within the lost pines of Bastrop State Park.